About our Co-operative


Mission Statement: To build an inspiring, independent, seniors cooperative community where we live together helping each other.


  • To be a member of the co-op you and your spouse must be at least fifty-five years of age, in good health and able to participate. You will be given a choice of activities to participate in.
  • Haney Pioneer Village Co-operative units are non-smoking.
  • Members cannot have pets.
  • Haney Pioneer Village Co-operative operates on the system of member participation. This in effect means, that to enable us to keep costs down, members contribute their time and effort to help with the myriad of jobs that would cost money if outside forces were used.
  • To achieve this end each member is expected to contribute at least the equivalent of approximately 50 hours per year. This can be done in a variety of ways which may be discussed at the time of interview.
  • The co-op is not a care home, there is no staff for assisted living.